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I Terry,

All drawings, measurements, etc. are in a public folder on my Google Drive:

Please read the "Read_me BFRM.pdf", to use the right document(s) according to how you are going to process (BFRM stands for Brake Fluid Reservoir Mount)

Regarding the fittings, I got them from the French company I was forking for at that time, but CBS seem to have the brass ones: rue

The plastic (Nylon or Acetal Delrin) ones are "Norma" fittings, and I don't really know where to find them in the UK. CBS seem to only have the "Y" kind, but perhaps they can get the straight ones?

Be careful with cheap plastic ones you could find on the web, the material has to be brake fluid resistant!

Sierra master cylinder and reservoir have 1/2 inch inlets/outlets, but I could not find 12mm brake fluid hose. So I had to do with 10mm hose, forced on the reservoir 1/2'' outlets, secured with clamps, and 12-10mm straight union on the master cylinder inlets. So far, absolutely no problem with this set-up.

Hope that will help .

Good luck.
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