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Thank you very much for the replies and advices.
Unfortunately Alga, the guy who sold the welder is living 200km away, and I couldn't go there just for a try. But it would have been a good idea.
Ash, the links actually work, they redirect you to on-line PDF manual. Have you got the right plug-in in your web browser ? But yes, if I buy another one, it will not be another Asian sh..., and I guess I would get much more comfort welding with a good ESAB. But I also need a bit more power me thinks.
Anyway, the ESAB is no longer available : at that prices it is gone in 2 days !
But I have another opportunity :
Deca Star 180E Turbo -> 30 to 160A, 20% dutycycle@130A
Do you think it will manage 5mm plates (thinking about the diff mount plates)?
Price is good, it is more powerful than mine, and it is Italian made. I read some comments on welding forums, and people look happy with it.
What do you guys think ?
Thank you.
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