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Got my cooling system plumbed in and run up with no leaks, so thats great. Need a temp sensor though.
Ran her up for 5 minutes, no problems and no leaks.

I've ordered a steering rack from rally designs, and even though I'm flat broke, I'm going to go all out and get a prop shaft made in July.

With a days work I should be able to drive it out of the garage. (no brakes mind!) Pushing it with no steering sucks big time.

So heres to hopefully driving it in July, with brakes in August .

It will then be the big save for bodywork and megajolt. Unfortunately its not going to be on the road this year, but next spring. Time flies so I'm happy to take it steady, its frustating but heh hoa
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:

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