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For Ford ( and Later Jag Landrover)
FDS2000 was replaced by WDS, then IDS and it's now SDD(including legacy IDS)

Connection on IDS was via VCM but has been replaced by Mongoose.

I have a cheap cloan Goose for my Jaguar, but have not seen the same available for Ford and not sure that simply using the Ford version of SDD/IDS would work with the lead.

I have seen 30 VCM cloans on ebay that claim to code pats but you have to buy credits on a website to get "anti-codes" to get into the key programming mode ( depends on model I guess )

I don't belive you can update software on the ECU with the cheap version and need the genuine pro version (500) and a Subscription to Topix to get the files and updates.

In any event all you can do is load manufacturer released updates and not tweak the MAP.

You can add/delete keys and remotes though.

You only get a woosh with a dump valve

Build Thread

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