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Not much progress to report recently as I havne't really had much time.
I put a new start motor in which solved my cranking problems.
I have wired in to a basic level a NODIZ ECU, it was easy (haven't connected teh TPS yet on the carbs) the engine starts first time now, but currently wont rev at all. I suspect the fuel pump isn't a good match to the carbs so I'm waiting for a proper bike one in the post so hopefully that will solve that issue.

I've had this wheel a friend gave me for ages and I've finally found a boss kit for it that wasn't silly money. can't wait to put it on and pretend to drive!
Hope to make a bit more progress over teh next month tidying wiring and starting the dash etc. Still got wheels, lights, clocks gauges as the big expenses to go!

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Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:

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