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Trying to get back on with my build. Thought I'd try and sort my wiring out. Went to retrieve the diagram and pin outs that came with my loom.. that really safe place I left it in.. doh can't find it anywhere! So I sat in the car last night and worked out most of the lighting circuit and column switches for the sierra, I'll have a few queries to resolve but hopefully not too many.

First one is the side lights from the stalk, think its slate grey colour, all other lights go to a relay but no relay for the side lights, does this wire go directly to the side lights?

Just ordered some dominators and front indicators so I can try a few things out. I used Furore, email russ on locostbuilders and if your nice they might give a discount. Will hopefully post my new headlights if they arrive this weekend all bright and shining! Along with my new (2nd hand wheels).
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