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Originally Posted by AshG View Post

1.) Noise was 106db at 3700rpm
Furry Muff


2.) i need a convex glass in the passenger mirror as the tester had to move his head too much to get the full range of view in that mirror
Let us know what u fit

3.) my t pieces for the brake system were bolted to the chassis using riv nuts. this was deemed unacceptable as there is no locking device. i was advised to drill straight through the tube and use a bolt and nyloc nut on the end. all fixings/items on brake related systems must have a licking device!
To Quote a meerkat, "SIMPLES"

4.) my roll bar back stays only had one bolt securing them. they either needed to be welded or have a minimum of two bolts.
Elaborate, is the book design out of spec now.

5.) heat shrink and glued on rubber is deemed unacceptable for iva. any covering used must be equivalent to something a mass manufacturer would use. this meant i had to remove the heat shrink off the track rod ends which then failed (it was suggested that i used a caterham type item to cover these.)
Oooohhh... Hmmm.. Let us know the fix!!

6.) my universal joint on the steering was too close to the bulk head bearing meaning the collapsible mechanism wouldn't work adequately in an accident.
Aaaarg... is this likly to be a problem for all of us?

7.) speedo was out but was aloud to alter it at the time so it is now spot on.

8.) headlights were out but dogwood was aloud to align them for me whilst i sat in the car.

9.) side indicators failed. not because of their position it was because they had the wrong e mark. the emark they had were for side markers not side indicators. the difference is that side markers have a lot narrower range of visibility than side indicators. you could see them from the back but the light emitted was not strong enough in the required direction.

the shocks passed fine even without the rubber boots.
Can you take a pick for us of this

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