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The last 24hrs have proved useful, discovered my hoard of retro gaming paraphernalia is worth a bob or two and will fund a good part of the build, it was cluttering up the garage! 2 birds, 1 stone, springs to mind. Just got to test and list the lot, which I'm not looking forward to.

This morning I went over to a steel fabrication company we do some IT work for and had a chat with owner and he's going to supply the steel and allow me to use some of their equipment for bending and cutting, he also gave me some great advice on cutting angles in steel using a mini-grinder, and using co2 rather than argon due to cost, argon only really necessary for stainless steel apparently. Got some 3mm 40mm SHS, 3mm plate and 5mm channel to mess around with, Might even have a go at the wishbones with their help. Very Happy!
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