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Default For Sale!

Well, here goes!

For sale is my Haynes Roadster fitted with an 893cc Fireblade engine. Not sure where to start as this car is fairly well known on the Haynes Forum.

For those who don’t know, here is a very brief summary. It was completed, SVA’d and registered in October 2007 – on a Q plate due to the engine being sourced from Germany. However, it was built from virtually all new parts. It started life as a rolling chassis with roll cage built by Martin Keenan of MK fame and then built by forum member macdave69. Essentially, it was the first “customer” built car to the Chris Gibbs Haynes book design and is therefore Haynes Roadster number 002!

I have owned the car since June 2008 and have done bits to it as I have gone along. The car has only let me down twice – once was my fault for leaving the lights on and flattening the battery and the other was when the clutch cable snapped. Changes I have made since owning the car are:

• Fitted a black aeroscreen
• Changed the wheels for brand new Wolfrace items with Yokohama Parada 2 tyres – they have about 500 miles on them and I have the original wheels with very good Toyos on as well (see below)
• Changed the Vapor Trail Tech speedo unit for a Veypor unit which is much better – features include virtual fuel gauge, datalogger and variable display (all via two buttons). The unit is also quick release for added security and I have fitted two motorbike spec gauges – temperature and volts
• Added some additional trim and subtle badges
• Genuine carbon sheet stone-guards
• New genuine Honda clutch with Barnett heavy duty springs
• Oil and plugs changed every 1000 miles – use Castrol semi-synthetic to avoid clutch slip and NGK plugs

The car came with all the right bits - Sabelt harnesses, TTS filter and dyno kit, 3.38 diff, paddle shift, Protech adjustable dampers, battery cut off key and it has been very well looked after. The drivers seat, steering column and digi dash are all adjustable - I am 6'4" and fit no problem. I am probably bias but it still remains one of the nicest looking "sevens" I have ever seen - not too in your face, not plastered in badges or logos, no garish colour scheme. Just plain white with blue cage and chassis, floor etc - all powder coated.

I have loads of pictures of the car, not only from my ownership but also during the build. I have also built up quite a few spare bits that will be included with the car if the offer is right. These include:

• Set of multispoke alloy wheels and Toyo tyres – very good condition
• Pair of new rear indicators – was going to change them but CBS didn’t have the connectors at the time
• The original Vapor speedo unit
• Flat bottomed blue/black steering wheel and boss
• The original MK exhaust silencer – repacked last year – I currently have a shiny new bike can on it
• Spare set of plugs - might even be two sets
• Dynojets
• Custom made luggage bag (Milson from Locostbuilders/ebay)
• Waterproof quick fit cover for “cockpit” area
• Boot tub – plastic lidded box which fits under the lockable rear cover giving a bit more storage space

I am sure there are a few bits I have missed off. It has covered a 4431 miles, adding up what is on the current odometer and the previous Vapor unit – it was a total of 4279 on the last MOT in October 2009. Tax and MOT until October 2010 and despite being a new build, it has had an MOT every year from birth! The car made a very healthy 123bhp on the dyno at Newark show – print out to confirm. I have a box full of info and bills relating to the car and it even comes with two full sets of keys.

The car is stored in a heated garage but I am not going to fob people off and say it has never been out in the rain. I don’t SORN the car over winter and even did a mini track day in the snow – driven to and from Curborough. Please also be reassured that this isn’t a kit / home-built car that packs up in the wet - after use, I rinse/dry it off and put it in the garage until the next time and it starts on the button.

Genuine enquiries via PM only please and I will assist with any information you require. Sensible offers around 5500 as this is not only a semi-famous car, the first ever bike-engined Haynes but it has been very well built and maintained. Ready to drive away and use!

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