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Slowly making process.
New front disks and pads in, connected braking system, bled it all and stopped any leaks, adjusted pedal box to get a better clutch position and played with bias bar. Brakes seem to work, will need a bit of tweaking but happy with that.
Brake lights working
Hopefully won't have to take pedal box out again any time soon
Still have a few bits of wiring to get working before tidying it all up:
- brake warning light
- speedo
- reverse light
- rear wing side repeaters

Fitted a new set of QH maxi ball joints to replace the tat that split gaiters with 0 mileage

Thought I'd try the brakes, but typically engine wouldn't run properly, think its the carbs again, it ran on idle for 2 mins but wouldn't rev, then it died and wouldn't really run again so might have to clear carb jets again.

Still to do:
- mount front indicators
- front mesh grill
- chassis number
- mount and wire horns
- rear covers and fuel filler
- rear sus nylocs and torque up rear end
- shorten handbrake cable
- rear view and wing mirrors
- tidy scuttle wiring
- under scuttle panelling
- IVA trimming

doesn't sound much but it all seem to take ages!
Wish the magic fairies would come in and finish it off!
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:
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