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First wheel on, never managed that with my last build

Also mocked up the engine and box, gearbox mounts are in engine mounts nearlly there will finish that tomorrow.

Its then finishing welding a few bits and bobs, cutting some ali panel and painting, not to far our of order twin! I use the actual suspension components and cut down jig to put the brackets on.

Glad the builds going well Adrian, can't find a pre 95 zetec for love nor money so sticking with the boat anchor for IVA then swap back to zetec.
Heh those wheels look just the job, wish I still had them and a load of other bits now!!! but heh I'll catch up soon enough, does the engine run always wondered if it was a good one? (maybe I shoudn't ask!)

Like the seats are they westie ones?
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:

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