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Default Mould Making - crazy idea

Ok - I warn you I think the welding fumes have been getting to me today but I had an interesting idea. If you have a look around the net you will lots of racers blogs where they patch up their bodywork after racing incidents. One of the interesting ways I've seen this done is to cover the damaged area with gaffa tape, then lay over it to make a mould in fibreglass, followed by making a new part.

Now this got me thinking - the first male mould is quite a bit of work, then you need a female from that which will require lots of work to get it nice and smooth. So how could you make the first male mould quicker - well why not use bits of the car itself - but how! The idea I've had is that for items like the side panels, tunnel cover and rear bodywork could you actually wrap the chassis in that thick pallet wrapping plastic you can buy - then lay your female fibreglass mould straight onto this.

I warned you it was crazy - so what do you think - mad, bad, or maybe a go'er???
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