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i could write a book on it after today. i am going to do a full bore run down of the whole test in the mag. there is so much to cover that its going to take me a while to write it all up. my test was conducted to the letter and it is how all your tests will be conducted and there are a lot of things that you cant do now which used to slide through sva.

what i can say is the new test isnt harder in the way i perceived it to be the rules are quite fair when explained and put into context. one key thing i took away was about the trimming of projections. major car manufactures have to meet these regulations why should we be treated any differently? when covering a sharp edge you need to think how would ford/gm/nissan etc do that. if what you have done would look like a bodge on a production car you purchased new from a dealership then the likely hood of it being acceptable is low.

e.g my seatbelt brackets were covered with a bit of rubber glued and cable tied on. you wouldn't ever see that in a production car so its not going to pass. simple solution is production cars have proper covers over the seatbelt brackets find one in the breakers that fits your brackets correctly and use it.

i had a really good day regardless of pass or fail. what was better than anything was that if i do all the things on the fail sheet i know that my car will be spot on and unquestionable in its safety. all the guys that conduct these tests have my full respect. its a hard job, they want you to pass and will help you as much as they possibly can but if its not up to standard they will fail it, its not personal its about safety at the end of the day.
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