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Originally Posted by MikeB View Post

20170507_123250 by mjb22001, on Flickr
A very motivating photo for me - I am also going full white bodywork (even front guards!) so this is a like a 'what to aim for' pic for me!

Q1) How far along are you
Bare painted chassis completed - think all the welding on that is done - 'simply' need to start panelling and fitting all the actual 'parts' onto it now..!

Q2) How long since you last worked on the car
Consistently - not since 2013, just after my son was born. Since then i've managed bursts of effort here and there but never got into the routine of weekly work on it - which is what I want to do.

Q3) What are the major items to do
The things I think are 'major' are fitting the bodywork well, fabricating the exhaust, all the wiring, and the final IVA 'prep'. I think the rest of the jobs are basically just bolting things in place and setting them up - and there is lots of advice on here and LCB about what to do - so I think of them as 'easy' jobs that I just need time for.

Q4) Whats holding you up
Time - Since 2013 we moved and then rebuilt our new house - I did a lot of labouring. And I had a son in 2013, and one in 2017. And i'm trying to get fit again. The hours run out.
Confidence - I over think every part of the build and really need to just commit to some decisions (like cutting the bottom lip off my GRP sides) and crack on.
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