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Default Pipe Clips.

I'm wanting to use these clips:

but they only sell them is packs of 100, Does anyone have about 8-10 spare I can buy off them?

If not I'm considering buying them anyway and selling what I don't needs so would anyone be interested in a pack of 10 for 5? this is at cost as they are over 35 inc postage and VAT and adding on the cost of postage for me to send out to you lot

For your info they will be 1 x 5mm and 2 x 8mm, so the single brake and 2 fuel.

This is not a definite yet but I don't want to be stuck with 35 worth of clips, which I cant drink like if I spent the money on beer.
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Actual cost so far = Have chosen to stop counting incase I incriminate myself -
Cost ive told the wife = A hell of a lot less than I have spent. -

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