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Default irondoctors build

Hi all,
My flat pack chassis kit arrived from Phil (talon) end of Jan, and build started Feb 1st,
This is along way from when I bought the Ron Chapman book, then the 2nd edition Haynes back in 2007,
After researching the Robin-hood kit, felt the build it myself the better thing for me, but due to work did lots of reading on the forum and elsewear but no building.
Wife suggested wait till you retire (making me the oldes builder unless you know different) and so a year ago a Sierra came up for sale on E-bay only a mile away, she said aren`t you going to bid on it, well GREEN LIGHT!!! and it was mine.
Spent the last year stripping and cleaning parts, now retired and just working 3 days a week part time, so chassis is taking shape.



CAN WE BUILD IT yes we can

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