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Originally Posted by jps View Post
I posted over on Locostbuilders just to see what kind of advice I would get as to the process to follow when riveting/bonding an alu floor panel onto my chassis. (whether to rivet in a certain pattern/etc)...

Interestingly I got feedback from some respondents to say - don't use a 1 piece floor panel:

"Having the tunnel panelled just means it fills with cr@p from the road and there's reduced route for engine heat to exit.

Keep it simple and lighter, and just panel in each person's half. "

"I wouldnt worry about the tunnel either i had a Tiger with propshaft and i wouldnt have wanted the floor in the way for if i needed to check/work on it."

"My advice to this chappie (as another has said) is the *keep a separate tunnel floor section*. This can then be removed for prop inspections, etc., as well as getting the rubbish out. "

What do actual Haynes builders have to say about this though?
Ive got 2 different panels as you can work on it without removing the tunnel top. (which is a right PITA)
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