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Well 12 years ago or so we had a cold snap here.

Our MK1 golf had weak AF!

Needed to use the car and it would not start, would hardly turn over but chugged over a little.... So had to leave it.

Next day was nice, tried to start ti and she would not run, eventualy with a bit of fiddling adjusting the dizzy she fired up and I took her for a run up the bypass. Did not feel right at all. Got home and she was a bit noisy and lumpy. Turned off and would not restart...

Investigating I found the cam timing was out, then the cam belt was missing a few teath, and 3 out of 8 valves were bent

Frozen water pump = Stripped belt

Local Indy VW specialist wanted to sell me a MK2 that was sat on their frontage, BAAAHHH!!! 3 valves, gasket and a new belt had it up and running...

Car lasted another 10 years before we sold it, at which point it had been running a Polo GT engine for a couple of years but only as we wanted more power....

You only get a woosh with a dump valve

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