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Originally Posted by CarlW View Post

On the rear, the two intersecting tubes at the chassis mount, towards the front of the car?
I Carl,

As said in the book page 73 regarding rear wishbones:
"The lower wishbones need to be installed with the cross brace angled from outside rear to inside front"

The picture Fig. 5.32 page 74 shows the RH side of the car:

RearSuspAssembled by Voucht71, sur Flickr

Originally Posted by CarlW View Post

Top one then mounted so its equally in the middle of the two lower mounts?
Then, you attach the lower points of the rear upright to the lower wishbone, and there is only one way the upper wishbone can be installed to fall perfectly between plates RU2 of the rear upright when in place.

Hope that will help
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