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Default How to register in England a ”Gibbs roadster’

I’m French and I bought the french version of the ”Build Your Own Sports Car on a budget” book a few months ago. In this version, all the information about the registration are for passing the car in France (in fact, very difficult or nearly impossible except), and although I nearly read all the forum discussions in the ”SVA-legal” topic, it’s hard for me to understand the correct procedure about the car registration in England.

 Is that procedure well explained in the english version of the book because MoT, SVA, IVA, VIN numbers, Q plates, engine emissions according to the year and so on are like ”chinese language” for me.

 Is it possible to have a left hand drive car registrered in England ? The donor car must be an english registered vehicule ?

 Can some kind people explain me, as clear as possible for a foreigner, how to register in England a ”Gibbs roadster’’?

Thanks for your help,

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