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Originally Posted by jesse View Post
 Is that procedure well explained in the english version of the book because MoT, SVA, IVA, VIN numbers, Q plates, engine emissions according to the year and so on are like ”chinese language” for me.
  • mot-A Test to see if the car is road worthy (you don't need one for the 1st 3 years after it is registered
  • sva-Single Vehicle Approval Current test to get the car registered
  • iva - Individual Vehicle Approval approval coming in soon
  • vin - chassis number stamped in the car (if your car is a sierra there are two, one under the bonnet and 1 next to drivers seat under a plastic flap in the carpet.
  • q plate - A non transferable registration plate if you cannot prove the age of the donor car.
  • engine emissions - All depends on the engine that you will be using
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