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Originally Posted by baz-r View Post
strip back all the unwanted engine manigment suff and fit megasquirt (set up right) would be the best bang for your buck.
and could be tuned to any future tweaks.

simply nothing beats the right mixture and timing every time that is the beauty of eletronics.
Stick with the stock system until it's on the road. The stock system will work with some mod so until you get to lairy cams you'll be ok.
To be honest I wouldn't waste time on Megasquirt. I've used it in the past, ended up costing almost as much as an omex system. Al & Bruce say its experimental. To experimental if you ask me! The msqt was unreliable, not easy to build or tune, few rolling road places will deal with it.
Car spent too much time with me trying to fix msqt faults and after two expensive recovery trips I bit the bullet and bought an omex.
The omex does what it says on the tin with no hassle. Not a single breakdown from the time it was fitted to the time I sold the car.

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