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I fixed the fuel leak, the pipe from the fuel pump had a pin prick hole, tried welding it in place previously but created the hole (obvioulsy before filling it). Replaced the pipe which comes out of the tank and sealed it.
The brakes are the tricky ones, had a seperate thread and discussion on here previously. Got Wilwood calpers so in standard form with cables to a handbrake has 8% efficiency! Was advised to add a lever inbetween the brake cables and a cable from the handrake, this brought it up to 14%. This time i added a bigger lever to increase force but was to big and hit the prop shaft hence fail!
Thinking now to move the handbrake to the side so its not directly above the propshaft with the lever running next to the propshaft. Hopefully this will put the efficiency above 18%
Because it has been over 6 months since i initially applied for the IVA i need to apply for an IVA again online. Gives me time to get the handbrake sorted!
One day it will be on the road......
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