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Originally Posted by jason 82 View Post
Hi, I have just noticed that Rally design do box section wishbones for the locost & they are really cheap.
Hi Jason,

Sorry but no, Rally design's wishbones are not made of box section tubes, but "Flat Oval Section" tubes, which is completely different.

DAR002prod by Sylvain ROIG, sur Flickr

ERW_Welded_FS_Oval by Sylvain ROIG, sur Flickr

A lot of wishbones are made of flat oval section tubes tubes, as they are more aerodynamic (I know, not a major issue for our seven-like car!), and also, look neater than round tubes.

Honestly, I have never seen box section wishbones, I'm not sure it exists, so perhaps there is a good reason for that. And, if it has any importance, it will not look good either (imho ).

And I as said above, seamless tubes might be a bit overkill, but I would use at least ERW steel tubes for my wishbones.

Hope this will help
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