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So it has been a very long time since I last posted. Progress on my car has been virtually non existent. However it is a new year and I have a renewed desire to get the car finished!

An update from the last time I posted was that I pulled the head off, got it skimmed, changed the head gasket, replaced the valve stem seals, put a new timing kit on it and lapped the valves in. I also sent my carbs away for rebuild, as they had a suspected air leak. I also redesigned my inlet manifold so that my bike carbs use the standard rubbers which now bolt to the manifold. The standard rubbers also have vacuum take off points on them so it is a much better solution.

I have had my wishbones powder coated and I have revised them as I wasn't happy with the original bushes I took out.

I am now reassembling the suspension onto the car and the plan is to buy a cheap car transporter trailer and take the car for a rolling road session and get it on at least one track day this year just to use the car! Once I am happy with that then I will finish off the bits I need for IVA and get my test done over the winter.

One thing I have also noticed when fitting the new suspension is that my fuel hose looks to have perished again, I haven't checked to see if the main run down the tunnel has or if it is just the section to my fuel filter. If it is everything then I will be ripping all of the fuel line out, converting all of the connections to JIC -6 and running Brown and Miller Racing Solutions consulted PTFE hose with their progold fittings. It will meaning changing my fuel filter and fuel pump but I feel it will be worth it in the long run!

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