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I have many new years resolutions to keep up with...

One is doing stuff for "ME" , so that includes hopefully getting a look at the car again..

I sold my sierra after 25 years and that freed up a stack of cash so rather than just pay off more of the mortgage I have spent a little on myself...

I think it's a Decade since I started!

My plan also is to try and get the car to a state that I can stick it on my trailer which I bought 18 months ago.. and get at least some use out of it. I have some private trading estate land that we can shake it down..

Ideally I want my eldest to have a go and use it to learn more driving skills before he turns 17 in 2021...

My fuel lines are all copper front to back, or they will be.

I did by a Speeduino Clone in November, so when I look at doing Injection I should be in a reasonable position..

You only get a woosh with a dump valve

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