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Good to see you back Simon! I honestly thought we'd lost you forever

You'll see that unfortunately, this forum is not what it used to be, no more car being built, new members having the worst trouble to register, so it is not very active. But like TT and TKPM, I have a look at it almost everyday to see if there is something new.

Regarding your fuel lines, if you go for dash-6 stainless steel braided PTFE hose, buy the one with carbon charged PTFE which has a black colour (not the usual clear colour like the brake hoses). It is not rubber (Nitrile or NBR), it is PTFE (Teflon), but black.

It is very important for fuel lines, as carbon charged PTFE hose is anti-static. When you run a fuel injection, fuel is passing at a high speed in the PTFE tube, and because of that, the PTFE get charged with static electricity. A bit like rubbing a plastic ruler on a synthetic cloth sweater. You know what happen when you do that, you get sparkles. And sparkles + fuel anywhere else than in a combustion chamber is not good. That is reason why they make carbon charged PTFE hose, so the static electricity is permanently conducted out of the fuel hose through the carbon particles and the stainless steel braid, so no spark can occur. It is a very important thing to think about, really.

Hope that will help

Good luck for finishing your build... and please, post some pictures!
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