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Originally Posted by fabbyglass View Post
Blimey 99p that's a bargain!!! Are the MX5 diffs all the same set up? what horsepower can they safely take?
If the TY is in the way I will look after it for you.......
I was quite surprised about the 99p, I was expecting to pay a fair bit more than that, but no one else bidded. I don't think the seller was too pleased...

As far as I know, all the Mk1 differentials are interchangeable (the Mk2 and 3's are completely different, and I don't know anything about them).
The UK models tend to have open diffs, whereas the Jap imports tend to have LSDs (viscous on the early 1.6, and torsen on the 1.8).
This one is off a 1.6, and is probably an open diff. Ideally I want to use the 1.8 torsen, but this will do for now (I believe I have a torsen in my MX5 - it certainly goes sideways very nicely )
Mk1 MX5 kicks out 120-130bhp as standard. Many people have turbo'd them to 200bhp+ without any diff trouble (as far as I'm aware!) No idea what the maximum they could handle is.

I don't think my son would be too pleased if I let you 'look after' his TY!!!
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