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Originally Posted by jason 82 View Post
After stressing about which direction I want to take my mx5 build, the broken diff nose issue keeps arising. Off work with a broken leg, so I am bored and decided to look into it. My local mazda dealer said that it was an issue on the 1.6 mx5, but the 1.8 diff is a lot stronger. I googled it, and can't find any 1.8 diff failures, only 1.6. Are we all worrying about nothing? Or is there a genuine problem, not that well publicised. If my car was a 1.6, I would drop the 1.8 in as a matter of course. But my car is a 1.8, so do I risk it ? Or look into better support ? Just thinking about trying to keep the weight down, and don't want to over complicate the build if I can help it.
Without opening a can of worms the diff only broke on the saturn nts car as it wasn't bolted on properly. Most people have also beefed up he front mount.

The Saturn nts car was an 1800 engined car.

Click to see my build photos on Flikr

Saturn MX5 Based Chassis, Limited Slip Diff & 2.4 Quick Rack.

Build cost.... seems to be spending more on tools than car bits at the moment! (they will be handy in the future though).
Car iva'd and passed 15/08/2014. Finished weight 572kg.

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