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I'm getting some questions about my solid diff mounts I made.

Skov and PorkChop asked me a while ago If I could make them some when I did mine to share the cost of the aluminium but I cant make them for others I'm afraid. I'm sure Phil or someone could make them up if asked nicely.

The bushes slip fit as the clamping action will be providing the support hence the thick lugs.

I made them from 3.5" stock which is the perfect size, I didnt even bother turning down the outside surface.

I chose 40mm and 20mm long because I was able to buy offcuts this size to save further on materials. It gives about a 10mm gap between the two halves when fitted so you can play with the individual lengths really as long as the lug parts are 12.5mm and you leave a gap so they can clamp on the diff ears when bolted up.

Biggest problem I had was getting the old bushes out! A 3 jaw puller makes the job easy and theres some guides on the MX5 forums. I didnt have one of those so used a hammer and chisel to bend the outer bush casing in a bit then pushed them out with a 12 ton press.


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