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Originally Posted by skov View Post
Those shock lengths are fine, but I wouldn't take the spring rates as gospel.

Nathen had started supplying 400lb springs for the front as he thought it rolled too much, which is what I ended up with.
From my experience that's a recipe for massive understeer. It also gives a horrible jolty ride on bumpy roads as the rear can't react fast enough to catch up with the front.
I'm not convinced Saturn's original values would be much better either.

Having done some calculations (albeit full of assumptions/guestimates/errors) I came to the conclusion that the rear needs to be around 100lbs harder than the front, and that 300 front / 400 rear would be a good starting point.

As a quick test I swapped mine over and put my 250lb springs on the front and my 400lb springs on the rear and went out for a drive.
Have to say it's transformed the car!
The ride is far more composed on bumpy roads, and I've got shed loads of front grip.
It's possibly gone a little too far the other way, as it's ever so slightly tail happy now. It is however nicely controllable and much more fun that way
I'll get some 300lb springs for the front and report back at somepoint.
Ah, didn't know that Nathan had changed the specs John - I copied them off the website when Nathan announced he was going to shut up shop, because they weren't in the build guide.

I don't know the spring rates used, but Spud's car seemed fine to me WRT suspension set up when I've been out in it. I'm guessing Spud used his car as a starting point for speccing the MX5 build.

I need to buy rear dampers and springs for my build (I already have Protech front dampers, which funnily enough are Sierra spec rear dampers and 250lb springs). I've been impressed by the reviews Procomp have got so I was planning to source the rear dampers through them and hopefully get their opinion on spring rates etc to start with.
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