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Default Starting another build thread!

Hi all, I have been looking on here for a while now & had convinced myself that my new project would be a self build 7 replica. I decided that the mx5 route would probably be the best way to go. That was a couple of months ago, I also thought, no rush, we are in the middle of planning a wedding, trying to move the future in-laws from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed apartment!!
Anyway as I was browsing ebay, as you do, I came across a chassis for sale, vmax1974, I ended up putting in a bid & won. No problem I thought, i'll just put the chassis in the garage for now. Trouble is you can't just leave it alone!! So I started to finish of the chassis, just plod on I thought. Anyway last Tuesday the girlfriend trashes the back tyre on her, mid life crisis SLK, rings up for assistance & then proceeds on her way out in my car, leaving me stranded with the SLK! Same thing on Wednesday morning, I have to sort her car out & be late into work while she takes mine.
The guy in the local tyre shop also does a bit with MX5's so as he's relieving me of cash for a tyre, I say do you know of any rotten MX5's, 1.8 etc. He turned round & pointed to a car outside & says how about that one! 1.8 limited slip diff etc, import. He bought it for the roof, which was new. Any way he wanted roof seats, lights, window glass & a few other bits. A deal was done & it now sits in my garage! I think 150 was a bit of a good deal!
So it wasn't my fault that I bought it because if my girlfriend hadn't trashed her tyre I would never been in the tyre shop!!
So even though I wasn't really ready to start, it is happening, work on the chassis will now stop for a while whilst I get the MX5 stripped & get some garage space back, apparently my 8 x 4 trailer is now spoiling the view of the garden.
I have included a few photo's to show the MX5 & full garage.

I will try & keep up the posts but time is of a premium at the moment.

hope my ramblings aren't too bad

Hope the pictures have uploaded
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