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Originally Posted by Cropper View Post
Hi all, I have been looking on here for a while now & had convinced myself that my new project would be a self build 7 replica. I decided that the mx5 route would probably be the best way to go. That was a couple of months ago, I also thought, no rush, we are in the middle of planning a wedding, trying to move the future in-laws from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed apartment!!
Anyway as I was browsing ebay, as you do, I came across a chassis for sale, vmax1974, I ended up putting in a bid & won. No problem I thought, i'll just put the chassis in the garage for now. Trouble is you can't just leave it alone!! So I started to finish of the chassis, just plod on I thought. Anyway last Tuesday the girlfriend trashes the back tyre on her, mid life crisis SLK, rings up for assistance & then proceeds on her way out in my car, leaving me stranded with the SLK! Same thing on Wednesday morning, I have to sort her car out & be late into work while she takes mine.
The guy in the local tyre shop also does a bit with MX5's so as he's relieving me of cash for a tyre, I say do you know of any rotten MX5's, 1.8 etc. He turned round & pointed to a car outside & says how about that one! 1.8 limited slip diff etc, import. He bought it for the roof, which was new. Any way he wanted roof seats, lights, window glass & a few other bits. A deal was done & it now sits in my garage! I think 150 was a bit of a good deal!
So it wasn't my fault that I bought it because if my girlfriend hadn't trashed her tyre I would never been in the tyre shop!!
So even though I wasn't really ready to start, it is happening, work on the chassis will now stop for a while whilst I get the MX5 stripped & get some garage space back, apparently my 8 x 4 trailer is now spoiling the view of the garden.
I have included a few photo's to show the MX5 & full garage.

I will try & keep up the posts but time is of a premium at the moment.

hope my ramblings aren't too bad

Hope the pictures have uploaded

Hi there it's good to see vmaxs build is still in progress.

Where abouts are you?

Click to see my build photos on Flikr

Saturn MX5 Based Chassis, Limited Slip Diff & 2.4 Quick Rack.

Build cost.... seems to be spending more on tools than car bits at the moment! (they will be handy in the future though).
Car iva'd and passed 15/08/2014. Finished weight 572kg.
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