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Well my build is finished and has been on the road for a few years.
I still read the site most every day to see what people are doing.
I don't necessarily contribute as my build is not really related to what others are doing, but I am still interested in everyones build .
Myself I don't think anything remains as it is and as such I have several winter projects with the car such as replacing the clamshells with cycle fenders.
I have made a set of wind wings from scratch, removed my T5 and replaced the S10 tail stock with a Camaro tail stock, redone the shifter, am currently waiting for a Lotus shifter ball from the UK as I type this.
I am happy to see that the site has gotten back to it's earlier format.
I think all sites have dips and valleys, the original posters in the beginning post information that is interesting to all, but as their cars get completed or they move on other people replace them.
They may not have the same questions or needs for info based on the fact that the previous crowd has given such a solid foundation that many don't need to ask as many questions as the early builders did.
The info is all there to be freely used.
The fact that this forum is still here shows its value in the ground work laid down by the first posters.
Ultimately one day it will come to an end, everything does, but when that day comes is still controlled primarily by the existing members here and future members.

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