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Well I've been busy driving

Got my reg last week and plates made up. Was away at the weekend so didn't get them fitted until late Sunday night. Then followed the storms but Xmas eve the weather cleared and Mrs M suggested we take the car out for a first drive. Mrs M and I donned out helmets and braved the elements. Took it easy but got a good 50 mile shakedown under our belts. Car felt great, very planted despite the wet roads and a surprisingly smooth ride. Had the wideband lambda running and could see that she needed a bit more fuel in the mid-range.

On Christmas day Mrs M suggested we go out for a drive before Christmas dinner. Lovely empty roads up into the valleys. Got a little nervous when we started to see snow at the top of the bwlch but the roads were okay and I took it easy. Back in the lowlands and gave the the car a few beans on the straights, tweaked the carbs after the first run and mid-range was a lot better, think i need to go slightly larger on the mains but all in the tweaking.

In-laws wanted to see the car so took it out again today for a run.

So far that's 160miles in 3 days in the middle of winter in an opened top car.

For all of you still building, don't give up - you will soon forget all the troubles when you get out on the road. I can guarantee it is worth it, but watch out for the jaw ache from all the grinning like an idiot you will be doing.
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