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Ive been making a bit more progress lately.

Got a set of brake lines with (a lot of!) help from Sylvain Excellent service and thoroughly helpful chap. The brake lines, despite seeing some very positive reviews on here, exceeded my highest expectations. Everyone that has seen them has commented how nice they are. Ill get some decent pics when they are fully fixed in place.

I finally made a start on fixing them in the transmission tunnel along with the fuel line at the weekend:

Put it on its side to get access around the diff area to run the fuel line.

Clipped to ali strip in the tunnel

Then a diagonal towards the rear to run the fuel line around the bottom rails to the corner of the rear tub where the pump and filter will go

Ive got plenty more p-clips to add, but its a start!

Also, bought AshGs old bodywork/tank/dash etc off him, so its really starting to look like a car now:

None of it is fixed in place yet, but it makes me smile when I open the garage door!

Next up will be side panels, I think. Or maybe loom.
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