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I'm afraid we still can't see your pictures. None of the links are working. There is something you should not be doing correctly.

To share a picture from your flickr library on the forum:
- In flickr, click on one of your pictures to “open" it,
- at the bottom right of the screen you will see an icon representing an arrow going out from a square (a screen) which is the “share” icon. Click on it, it will open small white window,
- click on “Copy HTML/BB Code” at the bottom of this small window,
- the new small window will have a frame with some kind of code inside, and 3 button to chose from*: “Embed”, “HTML” and “BB Code”. Click on “BB code” to select this kind of code,
- now, click on the code inside the frame (one click anywhere on the code is enough to select it completely),
- copy
- paste it in your post on the forum. You can do this up to 4 times in the same post (=4 pictures maximum per post)
- check with a “preview” of your post before posting it to make sure the pictures appear.

Hope this will help
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