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Right !
I have tried not too write about this on here for over a year now!
I placed an order with a bodywork supplier and he messed me around for 8 months promising me the bits Iíd ordered and finally collecting them only to find not all of it was made !
The supplier then promised the rest of the bits and everything from a hurricane to the aliens took it happened to stop them coming !
My car then sat on axle stands for another 5 months ! Making my garage an unusable space.
The bits eventually came after giving up and going through the legal way to get them but the supplier didnít know that when they suddenly arrived!
So after waiting more than a year I finally had bodywork (although not of the quality promised)
I can understand the administrative team here not wanting slander but many people are sat at home worrying that their money has been wasted and none of us have a big budget for a kit car to loose.
Perhaps if this website could help and if people knew where they honestly stand and how many others are in the same deceptive boat with them ?
I thought I was the only one being messed around and when you know more are out there then for some reason I knew it wasnít my fault and I hadnít been too trusting because some people can be devious when the hole that they have dug themselves gets deeper and deeper!
As long as itís factual then why stop honesty even if the offending party donít like it ?
It has a big effect on a family man using his little bit of pocket money to build a car as his toy and his want and enthusiasm soon can disappear !
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