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Default Completed cars - the list returns!

Hello All,
For those who remember, before the forum was attacked (and before my rather long holiday), I set up a thread to list and detail the completed Haynes Roadsters. I also purchased numbered plaques and these would be available to all those with a completed car for a very small sum.
Due to the fact that I cleared my PMs before my holiday, I don't have all the information about the list, completed cars and plaques. Therefore, I am going to have to start from scratch and would appreciate it if anyone can remember any details. I recall saying the first 5 plaques would be FOC and the rest about 2 inc P&P. The first 10 plaques are gold coloured and the rest are silver - I will try and post a picture up ASAP.
It was felt that registration date was the best point to record the completion date as SVA/IVA test pass date may not apply to some cars around the world. In the case of a car not being registered for road use, then perhaps some proof of it being used (like Longerr did with the sprint event).
So if you can help then please post the details and I will try and bring things back up to date. A picture of your car along with a brief spec will help with progress of the thread as well.
Here goes......

001-Chris G-The Book Car-????
002-slimtater(macdave69)-Fireblade powered-25/10/07
003-Frankie boy-2.1 Pinto-20/08/08
004-Dogwood-1.8 Pinto-1/2/09
006-Longerr-BMW 1.8-1/6/09
007-Neil P-Toyota 4AGE-4/9/09
008-AdrianH-1.8 CVH-26/11/09
010-Tilly819-Blackbird powered-25/3/10
011-7ishNZ-R1 powered-26/3/10
013-drury318-White with Zetec-?/5/10

I think the first five now appear to be undisputed - unless anyone out there knows otherwise?!?
I plan to send these out at the end of 2009 so if you want one, PM me the details and will perhaps use Stoneleigh 2010 as the date to start issuing the next batch.

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