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Default I am back on forum

Hi everyone I have just been able to get back onto the forum which I got locked out of awhile back due to me changing my email address and not updating it on here.
A big thanks to Phil Talon for the information.
I have more or less finished my car now and have a problem which I would like advice on.

Because I bought all my mx5 parts instead of buying a donar car, I haven't got a vin number or old registration number to supply Mazda for a letter from them of proof of age for emissions test for IVA, I phoned them and asked for proof using the engine number but they can't supply a letter without a vin number.
Has anyone had this problem?.
I know I will have to have a Q plate but I don't mind that, it's just the emissions I don't know what to do about.
Any help appreciated.
Regards Mick.
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