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Default She is ready

well thats it i have have done all i can do. IVA 8AM tomorrow morning....

Dogwood and i worked solid all day making sure we have every angle we could think of covered trimmed tied p-clipped rounded off.........................

all the tools and odd bits and bobs are all by the front door ready to set off nice and early.

it feels like i am 5 years old and all my Christmases and birthdays all coming at once tomorrow.

cheers for all the good wishes everyone and a really special thanks to all the people that have helped especially Dave(dogwood) and Ginge, handy andy, John kev and tony @ 3ge and everyone that has given me advice and guidance over the last year and a half. sorry if i have missed any names but i have come into contact with so many fantastic people during this project that i possibly couldn't list everyone.
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