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Default New Build thread

Hi peeps
Finally decided it is time to start my build thread....official is this the right place to start one as I do not have a website or blog.
Anyways....been lurking for long enough.
Got me donor 1.6 pinto powered sierra, me chassis steel, me welder an big gas bottle (awaiting delivery of a auto welding bone dome)
Got me ANIMAL engine that will go in after IVA a CA18DET 1.8 turbo from a nissan 200sx but need to check if it needs a crank regrind as they are well famous for the big ends going usually due to drifffffting
got me 8 x 4 plywood to make table, got me workspace 1/2 a double garage and big shed (12' x 24') important bit(actually very very) the wifes blessing
and now the bestest bit .....awaiting a nice new shiny shiny traffic red and black 10 piece body kit from you know who S..A..T..U..R..N ...yaaaaaaaayy feel like a kid in a toy shop......had to sell loads of gear to save for that...and got in before price hike (cheers for that Andy) so piccys soon to follows build table to start with .....well I think that might be the best place to start
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