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Originally Posted by Bonzo View Post
Yay .... At last .... Someone who works as untidy as I do

Making some progress there

I hope you don't mind me saying .... I think you'll need to make up some support brackets for the clutch cable to prevent it from touching / chaffing the brake pipes .... Almost certainly an IVA fail point ( May be the photo playing tricks !! )
I have messy cycles.. i spend a day cleaning the garage, stays clean for another day.. then leave it messy for the next month and half until i cut myself badly, then clean it again......

It shouldn't take long to sort out some sort of bracket for the clutch.

i was also wondering i've often felt like using tie wraps every so often to secure things, but always thought it wouldn't be iva friendly. would there be a problem in using tie wraps to hold the clutch cable down to something?
my build pics
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