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Originally Posted by Coozer View Post
I got one of THESE! with full size argon gas bottle, also a full size 15kg wire reel.

Best thing I've every bought.

I agree, I have the same one but it`s from MTA (MigTigArc) in portsmouth, same machine but badged as theirs and blue not red. It works a treat & after years of mucking about with hobby migs and crappy wire feeds it is a real eyeopener to use one of these, especially when you want to stitch weld in short bursts, the wire feed is fantastic, (the motor is like a big car wiper motor). I can`t recall what I paid for it a few years ago but I seem to think it was slightly less than Weldquipe & free next day delivery too. I also don`t think it was really much more expensive than a big Clarke welder.
Reliability is excellent, no probs at all, well worth the investment.
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