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Default Suspension brackets on front frame!!

Hey guys

Im having a major head ache with one of my front upper suspension brackets.

the brackets on U1, U2 look fine.

The brackets at the bottom of FF3, & FF2 look ok, want the packer most others have fitted.

Its the upper brackets at the top of FF3 & FF2 where im not sure. the bracket on FF3 seems to sit on the corner of the tube? it doesnt look right but i think it might be? in the drawings it looks like the brackets sit flat on the face of the tube towards the base rails? mine doesnt!

The upper bracket for FF2 , i cant get in. its far too tight between the thread bar and the FF2 tube?!

Ive used a wooden jig, which ive checked. The front frame seems to measure up ok.

Has anyone else had any problem with these brackets?

Cheers Will
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