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Originally Posted by PorkChop View Post
You can use any of them, although I'd venture a guess that mark 3 stuff will still be fairly expensive.

In short no. Very little, if anything is compatible between mark 1/2/2.5 and the mark 3. Between marks 1, 2 and 2.5, all the big bits are interchangable, although there may be subtle differences in the detail (e.g. the steering arms on a mark 2 front upright are 7mm higher than the mark 1).

That was one of Phil's justifications for developing it.

The big bits you'll need are the engine, gearbox, engine mounts and a custom prop to swap over. You'll also need to sort the associated systems out. But to me it seems to be a waste of time and money to fit the MX5 engine and box to rip it out straight after to replace with Ford stuff, you may as well fit the Ford engine and box from the off IMO.

Except for the gearbox, I can't see what else could qualify David's post. Don't forget, lots of bike engined kit cars use all the mechanical bits of a normal donor except for the engine and gearbox and some associated systems (like the engine loom, reverse gear mechanism etc.).

There's nothing stopping you having a complete set of MX5 running gear with a Zetec and a Type 9 box for example. Heck, there's nothing wrong with you using the uprights and brakes from one marque, with a diff from another, engine and box from a third etc etc.
Thanks for taking the time to answer what may seem stupid questions to you experienced guys, this is really the kind of info I'm looking for.

Originally Posted by j.brownster79 View Post
We all have different views and ideas it's a bespoke hand built sports car my opinion is mx5 is readily available I went for mx5 and made my own version of Phil's rear diff cover if you look at my pics but use the Sierra rear end frame so you could swap to a Sierra diff at a later date.

Why do you want to go duratec though?
A nice jap engine are pretty much indestructible if it's power you want strap a mini supercharger to it or do a turbo conversion later! (That's my route)

Whatever you decide there is lots of info between the guys on this forum that can help in your build!!
Thats my thoughts on using a mx5 rather than a sierra. Was the diff cover difficult to make? Not really decided 100% on the ultimate end game yet, I think I like the simplicity of a non charged engine and my goal will be 150-200 bhp. I've got a supercharged Golf R32 and as much as I love the supercharger I think I'd rather have something just solid and reliable in an engine. More food for thought though, thanks.
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