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Q1) Rolling Chassis, engine in (temporarily) pedalbox just about completed

Q2) Did 3 hours Wednesday, 4 hours the week before, that was after a 3 month break #revitalised.

Q3) in order (maybe some overlap):
1. Fuel - tank fitting, copper, filter, rubber.
2. Engine - removal, Timing belt, water pump, some gaskets, painting, refitting
3. Brakes - copper, flexi's, handbrake cable securing
4. Cooling - Radiator, expansion bottle, pipes
5. Wiring - test while complete, remove redundant circuits, retest, fix inevitable problems, tidy up.
6. Bodywork - Trail fit, lights, remove, paint, refit, then drop something on my nice fresh body work - swear.

Q4) wife, Silly season at work, kids, wife, money, wife, time, kids
God loves a trier

Actual cost so far = Have chosen to stop counting incase I incriminate myself -
Cost ive told the wife = A hell of a lot less than I have spent. -
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