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fancied doing something different to keep up my interest so I'm embarking on the task of making my own ally fuel tank.
I have always thought the book tank was way to small so at the expense of "boot" space I have decided to make my tank in a shape that utilises the area above the diff as well.....I have also decided on 3mm aluminium which might seem overkill but I believe that in a rear end collision it is far more likely to deform rather than rupture and that in its self should create a kind of crumple zone which adds further peace of mind it will have two internal baffles to keep "slosh" down to a minimum and either a sump or swirl pot in the base to cater for fuel injection, capacity is 57.5 litres might yet add a little more to the top to bring it up to 60 not sure yet
Going to do this in my usual methodical way which to to make a cardboard mock up and when I am satisfied with that I will make a template then a sheet metal folder to initiate the construction for now here is the mock up in cardboard needs a wee bit of fettling yet
if any one is interested I might be making some more but they wont be cheap due to the amount of work involved and the fact that they are 3mm thick

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