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Originally Posted by skov View Post
Yeah, they're both aftermarket engine management systems intended to replace your original ECU.
The benefit is that they allow you to completely mess up, erm I mean tune, your spark and fuel

Unless you're going to make heavy engine mods, go forced induction, or just like to spend endless hours tapping numbers into a lap top I wouldn't bother!

Saying that, I probably will replace my OEM ECU post-IVA, but mainly because I'm a bit of a masochist and like playing around with electrickery
I have lost count of the cars I have tuned and ended up over doing it. N/A wants to be kept to a mild cam, sensible comp ratio and a well sorted ignition/fuel set up. That way it keeps the all important driveability and remains useable on pump fuel. If you want more, turbo is the only way.
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