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Originally Posted by TheArf View Post
Good morning guys, a quick question for those that have been through the SVA, is there a set hight for the rear number plate. I have down loaded the manual and I think I'm suffering from legal jargon blindness, I have also down loaded the illustration from Westfield that gives all of the dimensions for the lights, minimum and maximum distances/heights etc.

Any help on this would be appreciated


There isn't really a minimum or maximum Height quoted for IVA as it looks to be based on the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001. How vertical the plate is the main thing.

The Key thing is to make sure is you have a 520mm X 120mm minimum Space for a registration plate with clear visibility. Its worth noting the GB plates are smaller in length than this. (Although its not really a problem for our shape of cars).

Irrelevant to us as we go through IVA but there is a height Limit for European type approved vehicles. The plate for these need to be within 300mm - 1200mm from the ground.

Hope this helps,

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